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On-Site Seminars

We have been providing effective and exciting on-site seminars across America, Canada, Mexico and China since 1986. We have a variety of prepared topics packaged in programs ranging from four to forty hours in length and we can develop custom programs of any length to meet your specific needs. Routinely requested seminar titles include: CPSM and CSM Exam Preparation (All Exams), Principles of Purchasing & Supply Management, Cost Management & Reduction Strategies, Principles of Highly Effective Negotiation, Strategic  Sourcing,  Performance  Measurement and Effective Service Procurement.  In addition we can provide custom programs on most best-in-class supply management technologies and practices.

Here are some of the advantages of our on-site seminar approach:

The courseware can be customized to meet your specific interests and behaviors.
It minimizes exposure to approaches that conflict with your mission and values.
The sessions can be scheduled to accommodate your business needs.
It minimizes participant travel, time away from the office and time away from home.
It typically results in lower total costs.

Please contact us to discuss your specific areas of interest and to find out first hand how on-site training can benefit your purchasing and supply team.

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